Vulcans erupt

The Vulcans
The Vulcans
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The Vulcans took no prisoners as they hit the ground running at the latest festival to jump on the bandwagon, namely the Musicale gathering at Ashover.

Surprise opener Woman by Wolfmother, and Hash Pipe by Weezer, really made my ears prick up as most rock covers bands tend to rest their laurels on past glories. Which is fine to a degree, but after a while it all becomes predictable. This foursome from Alfreton and Ripley focus more on the present.

That said, they do respect their roots as seamlessly they slipped into song three, an excellent rendition of Queen’s Tie Your Mother Down.

With the crowd behind them they could do no wrong, though I was getting worried by some of the on-stage banter. Once a crowd starts to dance, and that’s one of the challenges when you’re in a band, you need to keep them up.

Thankfully, AC/DC’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution and Led Zep’s Whole Lotta Love, kept things moving well.

Having been conceived only a few short months, The Vulcans really do have something. Sure, they may not play Download, though you never know, but Mark Davies on guitar, Matt Copestake on vocals, Alex Leggett on bass and Sam Renshaw on the drums certainly know how to play and entertain. And when you’re on the pub circuit, you need an arsenal of talent to survive.

With their allotted slot coming to a close the Ashover crowd lapped up stuff by The Black Crows and for me the highlight of the day, Biffy Clyro’s Got A Match and No One Knows by Queens Of The Stone Age. Absolutely brilliant.

I’ve never heard local bands cover this sort of stuff before.

With the encore being Ace Of Spades, the battle was won with the lads shooting off into the sunset.

The Vulcans gave the Ashover festival’s Sunday afternoon session a huge shot in the arm and defiantly entertained not only a cynic like me, but the ground crew too.