Turned up to ten!

Neon Railroad
Neon Railroad

A flagship music project which has helped spotlight the work of 1,000s of local young musicians is toasting its tenth anniversary.

For a decade, Fleet Arts’ Turn it Up music project has encouraged many new and developing musicians to join the Derbyshire music scene.

Julian Butt, the music project coordinator, said: “It is incredible that what started out as a three-year local project has run for so long. Credit must go to all of the young people involved, their enthusiasm and willingness to organise and instigate activities have been key factors in the project’s success.

“We have supported musicians playing at both local and national venues and even taken bands to Italy and Poland. It has been a memorable 10 years and we look forward to many more to come.”

To celebrate the first decade participants both new and old will hit the road on the Turn it Up to 10 tour, visiting eight venues across the county.

The concerts are open to all ages and tickets are available on the door.

The Bakewell leg of the tour kicks off at the Medway Centre on Friday, March 30.

It features the acclaimed Bakewell band Neon Railroad and the up and coming young band SidewinderZ. Many brand new bands from Lady Manners School and Hope Valley School will also be performing for the first time. They include Soundwave, Print, Staelphish, and Can’t Complain.

The event is hosted in partnership with PLAY Live (DCAS) and is the culmination of a series of four workshops delivered at the schools by the two organisations.

The gig is open to all ages and tickets are available on the door at £3 each.

The rest of the tour includes:

March 31 - The Town Hall, Swadlincote, 7pm to 10 pm - £3. Micro Jupiter, SidewinderZ + Bands from Pingle School

April 6 Queens Head, Belper, 7pm David Gibb, Joe Danks, Mike Smith and Julian Butt

April 14 – The Strutts Community Centre, Belper, 7pm to 10pm - £3 Fires and Fireplaces, Joe Brown, Chase the Rain + more

April 26 - Springwell Community School, Staveley, 7pm to 10 pm £3

These Mortal Cities, Orange Clockwork as well as bands from Scart Band Scene

April 28 - Donut CreatIve Arts Studio, Chesterfield, 7pm to 10pm £2 State of Mind, The Struts, These Mortal Cities + more

April 29 - Fleet Arts, Belper, 7pm to 10 pm £6 The Mills and Chimneys folk collective

For further information visit the website www.fleet-arts.org