Trudy lads show their true grit

If there’s one thing you can say about the Chesterfield music scene, it’s lacking just one thing: really cool bands.

By cool I mean groups that have an air of carelessness; who look like they’d rather sit and have a smoke or a whiskey than get rowdy in a pub.

Enter Trudy Sings The Blues - an alternative rock trio, crossing the borders of the classy riffs and beats from American rock and roll, with a brilliantly British simplicity about them. Think The Black Keys mixed with Arctic Monkeys…now there’s a show not to be missed.

Astoundingly, the three lads, Oliver Taylor, Jamie Smith and Joshua Burton collectively have an average age of 16/17, and in a town full of hardcore bands, it’s beautiful to see bands like these. Less Obvious Vibe Effect have done it, The Natterjacks are doing it, and Trudy Sings The Blues are following, aspiring to be something a little off the beaten track with their Doin’ Trudy EP.

‘Drunk Love’, a sombre affair, slurring through “How dare you try and accuse me of trying to lose you, because I’m always drunk at parties, and I can’t help the things that I do” is magnificent.

Its composed sounds are disturbed by the reckless ‘My Baby’s Gone Away’, Taylor’s gritty vocals defining the whole sound of this EP.

Trudy Sings The Blues deserved their three slots at Tramlines festival, rocking up a playful and fierce live set.

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