Stairway to heaven for Zep fans

Letz Zep'Blackpool
Letz Zep'Blackpool

FROM Spain to Russia and New Zealand, Letz Zep have rocked and rolled across the whole globe...

And earlier this month the number one Led Zeppelin tribute act descended upon Derbyshire to relive the flamboyant sights and sounds of one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

They did a spectacular job too - in fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were the real thing with their completely convincing recreation of the 70’s musical sensation.

Even legendary Led Zep frontman Robert Plant said it was like watching himself onstage after he saw the boys in action a few years ago.

The packed gig, which portrayed the full scope of Led Zep’s timeless music, included a whole host of well-known classic hits including Kashmir, Black Dog, Immigrant Song and a breathtaking rendition of the moving Stairway to Heaven which left everyone absolutely gobsmacked and tingling with goose bumps.

The audience loved every moment of the show - the rampant foot-tapping was enough to shake the venue, the beautiful Pavilion Arts Centre in Buxton, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were one or two tender necks after all the head-banging.

The four band members, all talented, respected and highly experienced musicians, oozed awesome stage presence and enjoyed some amusing banter with audience members.

Vocalist Billy Kulke, who could be Robert Plant’s long-lost twin, was absolutely superb and by far the star of the show, backed up by the extraordinary Andy Gray on guitar, Steve Turner on bass and Benjy Reid on drums.

There are a lot of tribute bands out there - but Letz Zep are something else.

They really are the closest thing to the original and long may they continue keeping this remarkable music alive.

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