Spicy attitude from rock band full of flair

Little Crazy
Little Crazy

After battling the chill winter air, and all the free Jager being handed out, indie-punk boppers The Lion Works offered up a warmingly impressive set at Sheffield’s 02 Academy.

Their angst ridden lyrics and repetitive riffs provided a solid base and new song ‘Conquest’ went down a storm.

Labelled as the ‘Fun Joy Division’, the haunting vocals on The World Won’t Listen set the bar high for the bands that followed them.

Next up were The Outfits, hitting the stage in shirts and ties, they proved a more condensed, less grungier version of Jet.

Although they never actually broke out with Are You Gonna Be My Girl, they showed they’re a talented bunch of lads. If they tightened up on their work, they could be an exciting band.

Failed Theory set about the stage like a moth to a flame and performed a lively, courageous set.

This was the last gig with their bass player, and the Sheffield band left their mark on the Academy with their high-powered, get-up-and-go tracks. The lads controlled the audience with James’ gritty vocals backed up by the talent provided from the rest of the band. With their catchy hooks and passion fuelled choruses, the audience were left well set for the headlining act.

Topping the bill, Eckington/Sheffield outfit LittleCrazy went a little ‘Promo-Crazy’ with free drinks and tons of women wearing their merchandise throughout the venue.

But the night proved a brilliant show-casing gig, with LittleCrazy offering up a delightful fusion of pop-punk and rock ‘n’ roll female vocals.

The band didn’t fail to play to their audience - if front-woman Sofire wasn’t bouncing around the stage - then the backing dancers/keyboardists were.

But by following the current trend of focusing so much on the visual performance, rather than the sound itself, they ran the risk of taking away from the music itself.

Which was a shame, because LittleCrazy have the bases to be a really really good rock ‘n’ roll band.

Rhythmic and ballsy; they have all the elements of what female-fronted rock bands used to be about - and what The Pretty Reckless are bringing back now.

On the evidence of this show, full of talent and a spicy, raw punk attitude, the LittleCrazy have the flair and ability to be a unique band.