Silent Eyes look to a loud future

With Silent Eyes
With Silent Eyes

HARDCORE metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Characterised by screaming men in need of a soother and prolonged rants about death, its unlikely to ever make the final of X Factor.

But then, that’s precisely the point.

And if you ARE a fan of the genre, you’d do well to check out Derbyshire’s own With Silent Eyes, who are rising stars of the scene.

Their ‘A Flood Upon Us’ album kicks off with the great instrumental track ‘Floods’ delivering a strong beat that sets up the album perfectly - a great calm before the storm of ‘The Cleansing’.

With Silent Eyes may make grannies splutter over their tea in shock, there’s absolutely no denying their musical talent, offering stand out performances on both guitar and drums.

And while the music is heavier than Twisted Sister’s make-up bag, there are enough lows and highs throughout the record to provide a range of emotions and musical textures.

On first listen, I’m reminded of very early Avenged Sevenfold - which is no bad comparison when you consider the success they’ve gone on to enjoy.

So if you like your music metal and don’t mind a glottal frontman then you could do much much worse than giving this band a serious listen.

Check them out by visiting the band’s website withsilenteyes

You can can catch them live when they play The Intake, Mansfield, on Saturday, April 14.