Rocking out with Mabel

Mabel Love
Mabel Love

Sheffield has produced many a rock combo over the decades and that trend looks set to continue, with foursome Mabel Love the current darlings.

Although not rammed, Coventry’s Kashbah venue was reasonably receptive to the friendly northerners as Different Forms kicked off their seven-song slot in support of Ash.

Ha Ha People and current single Hardened Face seemed to please the crowd as vocalist/guitarist Richard Rice put in a fine performance.

As ever with any decent band it’s the underpinning that keeps things together, and bassist George Moran and drummer Dave Mitchell did a sterling job by keeping the grooves in check.

Bootstraps, I felt, was another good song. In fact, had I been up there I’d have suggested finishing with it or better still, why not “rock up” a current pop song? That way you’d leave your audience with hopefully a smile on their faces.

Instead, they opted for Over Now, which started off quite slowly but gradually built up into quite an epic track.

Mabel Love did impress me (as did the takeaway outlet next door) as this was the first time I’d seen them live.

A few more smiles wouldn’t go amiss but that aside, I’d love to see them again.