Rockers are back on road

After a long lay-off, north Derbyshire rockers Unbroken are back on the scene with a new line-up.

Formed in late 2009, playing classic rock and metal, the band built up quite a reputation on the circuit, but the band had to take a break when bassist Spook needed surgery on his arm and hand to repair nerve damage.

Spook added: “We were just about to get back into gigging, when our vocalist and one of our guitarists decided to leave, for personal reasons.”

The band played a few gigs with the aid of Dean from Conspiracy, who kindly filled in on vocals.

But the band decided they needed a more permanent line up and began auditions in earnest.

Spook explained: “After auditioning a large number of guitarists, we found Chris, whose style and tastes exactly suited what we wanted to do, but it took until last month to find Jay, who hails from the USA, to take up the vocal job.”

To complete the new-look band, Unbroken have invested in a new PA system and lights and are now back on the road around the region

Spook added: “One thing we have decided to do is, on our Facebook page, institute a regular ‘Punters’ Poll’, giving our followers a chance to pick songs they’d like to hear us play.

“We’re grateful to the people who have supported us from the beginning, and continue to do so, and we aim to bring the “Good Time” back to a music genre that sometimes takes itself way too seriously!”

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