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Firing Blanks
Firing Blanks
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What’s the name of your band and it’s origin? Firing Blanks; anti war influence (“Firing Blanks, Not Bullets”) and messing about in one early band practice

Where are you from? Chesterfield

Who are you? James – guitar/vox, Rory – vox/saxophone, Tom – bass/ backing vox, Stevo - drums

What genre would you describe your band as? Ska/punk with elements of dub, thrash and reggae 

Who are your major influences? Operation Ivy, The Clash, Rancid, Sublime, Against Me! , Random Hand, Inner Terrestrials, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Dylan

Where’s been your favourite venue/gig? Either The Maze in Nottingham (probably the one where we supported Random Hand) or any time we’ve played in Loughborough! Every gig we do is mint though

What is the ultimate direction of your band?

More gigs, in more places! Being in a position to carry on as a band without outside influence (college, work etc.) would be ace, but DIY is the way forward!

Where can people find out more about your band? On facebook,,

Do you have any upcoming shows? Loads. Check out facebook/myspace

Any last words? Yeah, if you get the chance to join a band, do it! You’ll end up doing mint things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Our album is out NOW! Check out our internet places for details of how to buy one, or just turn up to a gig! Also, if you think there’s a lack of gigs in your area, sort them yourself and help your local “scene”, be pro-active or don’t complain haha!

And anyone looking for gigs in Chesterfield get in touch! Peace, Love,Unity!