Punk pop rules at Skintfest

52 Colours
52 Colours

ROUND one of Chesterfield’s ‘Skintfest’ extravaganza at the town’s Crooked Spire pub began with pop-punk newbies Heroes Never Drown.

The Chesterfield lads had a reputation to live up to - and they proved themselves well, proving a great opener and laying themselves a solid path for the future.

Gone By Seven affirmed themselves as the humorous band of the day, covering rapper Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Bonkers’ and their very own ‘Sexual Predator’ which the pop-punk four piece pulled off effortlessly.

By far, the two highlights of the day were Sheffield bands A Season of Secrets and Without Our Crowns who both performed stunning sets of indie, borderline punk sounds. Like wine, these bands will get better with age and do nothing but improve, look to see them around Sheffield any time soon.

Jimmy Holland was a blessing in disguise, being the only acoustic artist amongst an army of pop-punk bands. On paper, he sticks out like a sore thumb, but he actually slotted right in and raised the bar for those to follow. Sounding a little like Deaf Havana’s James Veck-Gilodi, Jimmy had some raw vocals that worked perfectly with his melodies.

Throwing it back into the pop-punk spirit, Liar Liar enveloped us in their radio friendly sounds. Covering All Time Low’s ‘Dear Maria Count Me In’, it’s obvious that the American band are massive influences for Liar Liar, and their very own ‘Heart Attack’ was extremely impressive. By the end of the set, they had the crowd eating from their hands.

Jumping from one punk band to another, VolumeZero performed an excellent set. Front-woman Kirsty has a gorgeous set of pipes on her, which were perfect for their cover of Lil Wayne’s ‘Lollipop’.

If anything Maycomb sounded a little too polished, think T-Pain mixed with Kids In Glass Houses. Although they do have a lot of talent, the four-piece just didn’t produce anything that set them apart from the rest. Song-writing wise though, they certainly have flair.

Fine Young Firecrackers exploded onto the scene, producing a rough and ready, gritty performance. Chesterfield’s very own ‘Rookie League’ put on an equally remarkable show, with a cover of Nicki Minaj’s Superbass went down a storm.

Bringing an eclectic mix to the night were The Culture Thieves and Satnam’s Tash, sounding a little White Stripes with a blend of Arctic Monkeys.

With the loss of under-18 members of the audience due to age restrictions, both bands didn’t receive the numbers they deserved. If you’re looking for two bands that offer up a dish of pure rock and roll, with a sprinkling of intricate guitar riffs and striking vocals, these bands are your guys.

But it was Derbyshire Times Band Of The Year finalists 52 Colours who brought the energy to the night. The lads deserved the headlining spot and delivered their usual optimistic performance which demanded the audience’s attention.

They’re a talented five-piece and were a cut above the rest in round one of Skintfest.