Old school punks are still full of pith

Septic pyschos
Septic pyschos

Ever thought the Dalai Lama might be a closet neo-Nazi?

He is, after all, a skinhead...

The fact that not everyone with very short hair has a goose in their step or swastika on their arm is driven home perfectly by Derbyshire’s Septic Psychos on their latest EP: Not Racist Just Bald.

The first-generation punks, formed back in the white riot heat of 1979, show they’re still full of pith and wit on the title track.

They clearly enjoy putting the 24-hole boot into the cardboard-cutout stereotypes that too many people still hold.

“It’s a reply to all the people in the street who see my shaved head and think I’m a Nazi!” said frontman Chiz.

And though the band had a lengthy lay-off after splitting up in the 80’s, the re-formed quartet shows no signs of slowing down.

Their old-school style, with barked vocals, shouty choruses and relentless energy recalls GBH in their heyday.

What they add to that four-to-the-floor attitude is a keenly-observed wry sense of humour .

Virtual Lives pokes fun at the time we all spend in cyberspace rather than the real world with lines like: Must get fit, learn to ski/ I’ll stay right here and use the wii.

The five tracks here will bring a smile to your face, even as you pogo round the living room.

For more on the band, check out www.septicpsychos.co.uk. You can catch the band live at Mansfield’s Intake Club on Febuary 2.