Not following the herd

Amber Herd
Amber Herd

IT’S an irony of the internet age that when the potential for choice is nearly limitless, everything suddenly seems to sound the same.

But that’s not a problem facing Chesterfield/Notts band the Amber Herd.

Fresh from their appearance at the Bearded Theory Festival, the band have just released five-track EP This Town.

It kicks off with the summery lo-fi indie track Bonfires - an upbeat sound, that hides darker subject matter and a new wave snarl in the chorus.

Leaving Home conjures images of Joy Division with its guitar lines, while Catching Time hints at IRS-era REM.

Elsewhere there are subtle nods in the direction of The Cure, My Bloody Valentine and even U2 - albeit with a deeper, darker edge.

But while they may be named after one, this band certainly don’t follow any herd.

Although there are elements which throw up reflections of other bands and records, theirs is a genuinely fresh sound.

That’s in no small part to the mesmerising vocals on show here.

Neil Beards may not have the sweetest voice perhaps, but it’s one full of the character and personalities that haunt the band’s songs.

Their refusal to take the well-trodden path is further illustrated by final track Magnolia.

On a CD featuring moments of catchy indie pop, they round things off with a seven-and-a-half minute guitar/theremin wig out.

The Amber Herd prove here they won’t be led by the nose by the diktats of fickle fashion.

They are an intriguing band with an eye for drama and melody. And that’s no bull.

l This Town is available via iTunes, Amazon and the band’s website at