New venue opens with red hot show


KICKING OFF Chesterfield’s latest, and most excellent of live music venues, local chaps Arizona had it all covered with the packed Real Time Live house giving them a huge welcome as they blasted out Welcome To The Jungle, Why Can’t This Be Love and Rainbow’s All Night Long.

Classic rock is the band’s forte and over the course of the night they knocked out 24 gems of musically history.

Yes, we knew them all; from a smattering of Whitesnake classics to staple tunes from Sheffield’s Def Leppard, but it was the way that this very likable unit delivered them that caught my eye.

To say they were nut tight is an understatement. With three Marks in the band (I bet that’s fun) they absolutely dripped in professionalism and from frontman Mark’s rasps to the rear feet kicking of stand-in drummer Brendan Hoare they just never put a foot wrong. Bassist Andy was rock solid as he kept perfect time, with both Marks on guitar loving every minute of this opening night.

With the intermission over they opened up the second sitting with Thunder’s huge hit She’s So Fine and AC/DC’s Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be, which was nice to hear as not many bands cover that particular tune.

With other stand out tunes from the eighties including Skid Row’s Youth Gone Wild, Kiss’s Lick It Up and Bon Jovi’s You Give Love A Bad Name, some may think of old school gentility but for me who normally likes a smattering of present tunes, everything locked into place as guitars and vocals rocked the night away.

Arizona may be doing what many local bands are doing but for me the real difference was not only did we have a red hot atmosphere, the band’s performance rose to absolute boiling point.