Music to get your teeth into

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LIKE a vampire who’s just seen the blood bank swallow his card, some bands sink their teeth into you as soon as you meet.

The Bitten Souls are a Derbyshire trio with a tasty line in bitter-sweet pop/rock songs - and very sharp incisors - as their debut demo reveals.

Incredibly, singer Olivia Kevan is just 15 years old and this is her first work in the studio.

But it certainly bodes well for the future, as she already has a stunning voice.

On Love Ain’t That Easy, her delivery is intimate and vulnerable, while she sings lines of All Your Dreams and Mine with a world-weariness that belies her tender age.

The two songs featured have a summery freshness and an unobtrusive backing arrangement that lets Olivia shine.

Ben Hanson’s lead guitar lines are tasteful and restrained, while his rhythm licks blend effortlessly with the keys of Mick Calladine.

The demo has both songs recorded with a drum machine and then with live drums from local session ace Nip Heeley.

The only puzzle is why they chose to open with the biscuit-tinned computer percussionist, not the live kit version which has more kick, depth and expression.

One thing is certain though, after one bite of the Souls, you’ll be back for more.