MUSIC REVIEW: Left Hand Drive - Uncle Colin’s Lovely Letter

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Left Hand Drive- Uncle Colin’s Lovely Letter

Just one listen of ‘Uncle Colin’s Lovely Letter’ and you’ll be hooked on Left Hand Drive’s musical intricacies. There’s one thing guaranteed in this album and that is heart and soul; you can tell the band have worked to their very bones to create such a complex and beautiful album.

As soon as the first track, ‘Chased My Demons’ teases your earbuds, you’re pretty much hooked. The opening strings really add a feel of luxury and charm before it launches into a rampant mix of gorgeous melodies and soothing vocals. This continues through ‘Like a Shiver’ but it gets a little grittier and passionate in ‘When I’m Near You’ and the harmonica plays its part to create a desolate, panging feel. Vocals from Chris Carr take on a more aggressive tone but are still equally as effective.

‘I Stare’ adopts a slightly poppier approach, layered with brilliant backing vocals and various sounds all working together to create this belter of a track. ‘Tears Not Wasted’ is a personal favourite; it stands out from the rest with the appearance of the flute from Ben Daglis. There are tons of musicians that have played a part in this album; from violinists to a cellist, it’s full to the brim of talented musicians. It’s inspiring to see a band infuse different musicians into their sound and be prepared to take on different approaches. Such as the trumpet intro to ‘Teaser’; adding a swing tone to the track and throwing a curveball into the album.

It’s back to basics in ‘She’s My Ocean’ where the band play alone and expose their talent. This really is an impressive album from Left Hand Drive, the three piece (and friends) put so much effort into Uncle Colin’s Lovely Letter. The Matlock based band really have found themselves a winner here!

Review by Sian Hodkin