Making up for lost time

Dawn Trader
Dawn Trader

CONFESSION time I’m afraid.

Throughout all the time I’ve been on this musical journey which started many moons ago, I never got the chance to see Dawn Trader. Maybe I was a bit too young.

So now they’re back on the road again, I couldn’t let the chance of finally catching them slip by.

Having been on a lengthy hiatus this second bite at the cherry seems to have been more fruitful than the first outing, as already they’ve supported the mighty Status Quo and Y&T.

Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms wasn’t full to the rafters but a more than healthy crowd had made the effort as Dawn Trader triumphantly took to the stage, opening the amps and rocked out Turn Down, Homebreaker and Take It, the first three songs off their debut album, Castle, which for me was a great way to start.

Frontman and mouthpiece Mick Preston was in fine voice and looked well in his red jeans and black T shirt as he led his merry men through the group’s repertoire, with several past band members joining them on stage for good measure, thus giving the night a feeling of celebration, rather than nostalgia.

With more tunes from the album and a few others I’d not heard, namely Lonely Nights, which I felt was very strong and wondered why it hadn’t been included on the record, we had the final “special guest”.

Ex-Saxon member Graham Oliver received huge cheers as he let rip to Wheels Of Steel, stopping up there for several Trader tunes for good measure.

Before long it was all over, as the band ended with Castle, not my favourite tune from the guys but the crowd left happy, which is one of the main reasons for doing it all in the first place.