Hot stuff at Fishpond from Nine Below Zero

Nine Below Zero have reformed their classic line-up for an autumn tour which includes a date at The Fishpond in Matlock Bath on Saturday, November 29.

To mark the re-release of their two critically acclaimed A&M studio albums from the 1980s, Nine Below Zero have reformed their classic Young Ones line-up.

The tour features all four original band members: Dennis Greaves (guitar/vocals), Mark Feltham (harmonica), Mickey ‘Stix’ Burkey (drums) and Brian Bethell (bass). Mickey played live with the band for the first time since the 80s in November 2012 at the 30th anniversary gig in Islington and now rejoins the band on permanent basis.

Frontman Dennis Greaves said: “We are only performing songs from the first three albums – Live At The Marquee, Don’t Point Your Finger and Third Degree – all of which have now been re-released by Universal. To be back on tour with all the guys is incredible….the energy, enthusiasm and the magic are back.”

The single 11+11 was performed on the first episode of cult TV show, The Young Ones in 1982 by this line-up.

Tickets are £15 and are available on 01629 581529.