Hidden gem is unearthed

The Natterjacks
The Natterjacks

INDIE-FOLK duo The Natterjacks are made up of well-dressed Freddie and Mark, two guitars, the odd snare and a whole lot of banjo.

After the dreary week of April showers, the skies cleared for the packed Brickmakers in Brimington, the beer flowed and the pub filled with punters keen to get their ears round some of Chesterfield’s freshest and finest material.

If you dig deep, really deep, around the town you’ll find some brilliant undiscovered gems; those that have the richness to make a whole pub shut up and pay attention.

There are bands that you don’t go intentionally to see, but just happen to catch on occasion and they leave an audience with the sense of fulfilment that no amount of alcohol can create; The Natterjacks look set to become one of those bands.

Opening with Mumford and Son’s new single ‘Lover’s Eyes’ they set the bar for the night, Freddie’s hoarse vocals complimented the serenity of the evening.

The lads are talented, they’re completely tight and in tune with each other. Mark’s banjo added a twist to Kings Of Leon’s beautiful ‘Use Somebody’ which went down a storm. It’s glaringly obvious that The Natterjacks take a lot of influence from Brit band Mumfords, with their covers of ‘The Cave’ and the energetic ‘Little Lion Man’.

All were great versions, yet they just took the anticipation off their own material, leaving their new song a little understated. ‘Nothing is Written’ was gorgeous, and the lads really compliment each other; they just need confidence in their own material to become one of Chesterfield’s greats.

Yes Chesterfield has its hardcore scene, and its Take The Seven and its Rookie League - but it has one hell of a folk and indie scene that is yet to be unearthed.