Check it out, and you’ll never leave


THERE are many things that you take away with you from a stay in a foreign hotel.

For some people it’s miniature toiletries, ash-trays and bath robes, but for Clowne’s Johnny Dean it could well be a hit single.

His debut track, El Hotel, has just been released after gaining air-play on local radio stations.

“It’s a song about me and a mate going to Spain,” explained Johnny, who’s real name is Dean Fisher.

“It’s a comic, poppy song.”

The record certainly has a pumping beat and shout-along chorus.

Charting the hapless adventures of the typical brit abroad, it feels like Rolf Harris jamming with Tempole Tudor after a crate of San Migel.

A video for the track is also in the pipleline, which should soon be hitting the screens via YouTube.

“I’ve always written stuff,” said Johnny,”but this got a bit of airplay on local radio and I thought I’d better do something about it!

“Now I’m hoping to get some gigs on the back of it.”

El Hotel is available to dowload via iTunes, Napster and through