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Lost and Found
Lost and Found
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PLAYING the Leadmill in Sheffield is a great opportunity for any band; getting ready to hold a diverse range of artists, from Dubstep God Skrillex to acoustic newbie Marcus Foster, the bands tonight have a lot to live up to.

Failed Theory open with a thrashing, melodic indie-punk vibe, before the Sheffield based band offer up a dashing set, with ‘Fools Horses’ and ‘Sticky Fingers’ involving a foot-tapping energy and riffs that any indie band would be proud of.

Frontman James Hallam sings his heart out in a raspy, low key voice, the band all provide a great set up, each equally brilliantly talented at what they do, and each looking like they’re having a ball.

It’s all so relaxed and chilled out, Failed Theory are a great band to watch, they hit the right balance of getting involved with the crowd, without crossing the line of ‘alright then, go up and play already’.

There’s no messing about, it’s all down to business.

With covers of ‘Moving to New York’ by the Wombats and Kasabian’s fist pumper ‘Club Foot’ being completely on the ball and apt for the mood they set, Failed Theory most definitely didn’t fail tonight, whatever their theories may be.

Lost and Found however, piped up an energetic, flamboyant storm of a set.

It was battle of the Kasabian covers, and Lost and Found opened up with it well.

Vocalist Joe Cupitt kept the punters roaring with his great, passionate voice, leading the rest of the band with their hilarious bit parts in between tracks.

If lead guitarist Andi Stone wasn’t announcing ‘I’m drunk’, the rest of the band would be throwing down some moves.

They’re a loveable band, their own tracks ‘Yo1’ and ‘Sunshine and Playtime’ bode well with their cheeky, down to earth antics.

It’s upbeat, it’s extravagant, but most of all, it’s just fun.

Much like Failed Theory, it’s nice to watch a band enjoying themselves, and being the talented musicians they all are, they don’t need to work too hard on perfecting their craft.

Their Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s cover of anthem ‘Dani California’ delivered a classy and finger clicking performance, yet with still that Lost and Found ‘touch’

Look out for these bands, if you haven’t heard about them yet, you will do soon.