Band’s rhythm ‘n’ booze mixer

Ruberlaris IPA
Ruberlaris IPA

BEER and bands have a long, long relationship - like a couple of old drinking buddies always found lurking at the bar come throwing out time.

But now Chezzy indie-ska outfit Ruberlaris have taken the rhythm and booze cocktail to a new level - with the launch of their very own pint.

They’ve teamed up with Staveley’s Raw Brewery which has produced Ruberlaris IPA and the beer gets its official launch on Saturday.

Band manager Rich Alsop explained: “The aim was to try to support independents - with an independent brewery supporting independent music.

“We’d like to thank all the people who buy a pint or two in advance as they are supporting us and our independent ethics.

“With the industry forever changing and being more difficult than ever to secure funding due to the fragility of the current music industry, the bands really do have it tougher than ever.

“For an independent band like us, this is great news.”

He added: “We basically get paid for every pint people drink so we get the promotion and it helps to sustain Ruberlaris as an independent band.

“If people keep drinking and demanding it we keep getting paid as well as the brewery!”

Raw’s Dave Hemstock said: “We’re extremely pleased to be able to work alongside Ruberlaris. The idea was first discussed over a few beers between me and the band’s manager and it grew from there. Producing a new ale together that supported local talent was discussed and agreed, its defo a great step in a very exciting direction for both parties.

“Music is something I am very passionate about and the band are also partial to a good real ale - it makes perfect sense”.

“The beer was made available to taste for the first time on Sunday at the All Inn music fest in Staveley and like the band’s music, it went down a real treat.”

The brew will be officially launched at the Chesterfield Arms on September 3, from 7pm - and everyone is welcome to come along and sample the ale.

Dave added: “The Chesterfield Arms just happens to be the band’s local real ale pub so its the ideal place for people to come and meet the band, the brewer and enjoy the beer!”

It is also being served locally at The All Inn, Staveley; The Chesterfield Arms, Chesterfield and The Arkwright Arms, Duckmanton, as well as pubs in Sheffield, Leicester and Huddersfield.

For more on the band, visit Cheers!