Band’s plea after theft

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Derbyshire Times band of the year winners Educatables have issued an urgent plea after equipment and instruments were stolen overnight.

The band are asking anyone with information about the theft of the whereabouts of their gear to contact them or the police.

Instruments including a sunburst Fender telecaster guitar, a sunburst Fender stratocaster guitar, a sunburst violin bass and a motu 8-pre recording interface were stolen from their van, which was parked in Shuttlewood, sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning.

“While nothing is irreplaceable, the equipment taken has made a massive hole musically and emotionally,” said a statement from the band.

“We have worked hard. We will continue to work hard but we want our stuff back, if you’ve seen/heard anything I implore you to let us know.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or contact the band on 0790 807 9559.