Answering siren call of the blues

The blues has a siren call that few can resist.

Maybe it’s because it lies at the heart of all rock music since Robert Johnson sold his soul at the crossroads .

Ben Miles

Ben Miles

Or maybe it’s because life’s just generally rubbish, even if your wife hasn’t left you or your dog just died.

The latest - and perhaps 
unlikely - musician to fall under the spell of the blues is Chesterfield’s Ben Miles.

The Valve and Sisyphus frontman explained: “I wanted to return to a more grassroots way of making music. I started playing some blues gigs as a solo artist and people seemed to really enjoy it.”

Now he’s released an album of his blues tracks, Live At Rockingham Gate, recorded, mixed and mastered in just two days.

Armed with just his guitar and a simple kick drum track, it delivers a raw blues full of lo-fi integrity.

Only Pretty Boys Make Rock and Roll sounds like BRMC on speed, while a cover of Gary Moore’s Had Enough of the Blues showcases Ben’s great playing and vocal range, 
producing the musical love child of Seasick Steve and 
Lenny Kravitz.

For Irene has a heartfelt folky, country, feel while on Just Can’t Get Over Loving You he sounds like a young Rod Stewart.

It’a record that’s raw, bruised and beautiful.

Check out Ben plays Riva (2pm) and County and Station (4pm), both in Matlock Bath on Saturday, September 22