Moving house

A survey released by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Furniture & Electrical Stores reveals that the average person from the north of England will move house five times during their lifetime, with those that pay to get rid of unwanted household possessions forking out £88 each time – equalling £440 in a lifetime.

The top items that people wanted to get rid of were beds (24%), sofas (23%) and wardrobes (23%)[1].

The survey also reveals that despite the recession, almost a third of people from the North of England (31%) are moving house to upsize to a bigger property. The economic climate isn’t holding people back from kitting out their new home either, with 54% of people from Northern England buying new items including sofas (59%), beds (55%) and chests of drawers (40%) which are the top three purchases.

Worryingly, the survey also revealed that there seems to be a lack of awareness when it comes to recycling unwanted household items, with over a third (37%) of people from the North of England confessing to being unaware that charity shops accept furniture and electrical items.

These findings, alongside a recent report by waste prevention firm WRAP UK[1], highlights that nearly half (40%) of all bulky household waste items could be re-used, illustrating a lack of awareness when it comes to recycling.

Regional Manager Barry Greenstreet for North England: “It is worrying to see that people from the North of England are paying on average nearly £90 to get rid of unwanted household items, when so many are perfectly re-usable.”

“In light of this, I’d like to encourage the people of Northern England to use their local BHF Furniture & Electrical Stores free collection service for unwanted household goods, which can even be booked online! We are constantly in need of stock and are calling on you to donate anything from wardrobes to washing machines and sofas to stereos. Not only do our services promote reuse, it also helps us continue our life saving work into the fight against heart disease with every donation making a real difference.”

Further insight:

7% revealed that they were moving back into the family home

Two thirds of people questioned [66%] said that moving house was a stressful time for them.

Many house movers are money conscious and 26% admit that they’ve put off the moving process to avoid spending money

The BHF Furniture & Electrical Stores are the UK’s largest charity home retailer, offering a huge range of goods such as sofas, beds, fridges, TV’s, microwaves and kettles. To arrange a free collection, call 0844 412 5000 or book online at