Heartbreaking tale


Rib-achingly funny and hanky-soakingly sad, said the poster.

Reform Theatre Company’s production of Like a Virgin, at the Pomegranate this week, certainly qualified for the sad part, but both I and the small first night audience survived with ribs intact and pain-free.

Gordon Steel’s play a heartbreaking tale of two girls in training for celebrity as Madonna lookalikes when one of them is diagnosed with terminal leukaemia.

Natasha Atkinson and Samantha Edwards worked hard at the stage routines and the teenage rollercoaster emotions, and Keith Hukin as lugubrious guitarist Monkey raised a smile or two, but the humour mainly consisted of off-colour jokes.

The sob-factor soared as the end approached, and Susan Mitchell, as the mum who life kept on knocking down, took the Oscar for best performance.

Like A Virgin continues at the Pomegranate tonight, Wednesday, May 9.