Have you been too ashamed to go to work after the office party?

Christmas dining crackers from Hotel Chocolat
Christmas dining crackers from Hotel Chocolat

We want to hear your stories about people’s attitude to work the day after their office Christmas party.

Have you been so embarrassed about your behaviour at the party that you have skived off work? What did you do that made you too ashamed to face your colleagues the morning after the night before?

If you’re a boss, what is the most bizarre excuse you have received from an employee for not turning into work?

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Our request for your tales was inspired by a new survey which flags up that more than half of Briton’s workers have missed work because of their behaviour at the office Christmas party.

The most common reason (39%) is that they were so drunk that they were either still drunk or feeling unwell the next day.

Over a quarter (26%) couldn’t face the office because they had kissed or slept with a colleague on the night of the party, whilst 13% missed work due to an argument or fight with a fellow worker.

Rather than confess the truth, one third of the UK’s workforce lies to explain their absence.

Oliver Bolton, creator of Alibi, the health defence drink that commissioned the survey, said: “The holiday season sickie is a growing trend. There’s something about Christmas that makes us want to have more fun and get away with it - like naughty school children all over again.”

The biggest skivers are in the North East where over 81% of people admit to missing work after their Christmas party. Scotland follows with 72%, and London and the South East with 66%.

However, Geordies are not the worst offenders when it comes to telling the truth. People from London and the South East are far more likely to lie when ringing in sick, with 48% making up a reason for missing work.

“Businesses all over the country and particularly those in London and the South East can expect to hear all sorts of excuses to explain unexpected absences in the office this month with the most popular reason being food poisoning and stomach bugs,” Bolton continued. “And if you’re in the West Midlands, then expect even more elaborate lies – they’re the most likely to ask a friend to provide an alibi to cover up their dishonesty, with over 23% admitting to having help getting away with it.”

The biggest skivers

- People in the North East are the biggest sickie pullers – 82% called in sick after Christmas parties

- The Scottish come second, with 72.2% calling in sick

- London is close behind, with 66.7% calling in sick

- The South West follows with 61.1%

- Showing an admirable sense of duty are the East Anglians and the Welsh, with 45% and 46% respectively calling in sick

The biggest liars

- People from London and the South East are the biggest liars when it comes to missing work. Over 48% lied when they phoned their boss, pulling a devious sickie

- The next biggest liars are from Scotland, with 46% failing to tell the truth

The most honest

People from Northern Ireland were the most honest, with only 12.6% per cent lying when they phoned their boss

The next most honest people from the East Midlands, with 16.7% per cent lying when they called in.

Results in full

The biggest skivers after Christmas party:

North East 82.2%

Scotland 72.2% per cent calling in sick

London and SE 66.7%

South West 61.1%

North West 54.2%

Yorkshire and the Humber 51.9%

Northern Ireland 50.4%

East Midlands 50.1%

West Midlands 49.8%

Wales 46.2%

East Anglia 45.4%

Lied about reason for missing work:

London and the SE 48.2%

Scotland 46%

South West 38.4%

Wales 36%

North East 34.3

West Midlands 38.7%

The North West 30.1%

Yorkshire and the Humber 28.6%

East Anglia 20.2%

East Midlands 16.7%

Northern Ireland 12.6%

Real reason for missing work:

Too drunk/hungover 39%

Embarrassed because of kissing/sleeping with colleague 26%

Fight/argument with colleague 13%

Too tired 12%

Just couldn’t be bothered 5.2%

Had post-party blues 3.5%

Had to get the morning after pill 1.2%

Were in police custody 0.9%

Asking friend to provide alibi:

West Midlands 23%

London and SE 20%

N Ireland 19%

East Anglia 16%

Yorkshire and the Humber 16%

South West 15.7%

East Midlands 15.5%

North East 15.3%

North West 14.9%

Scotland 14.4%

Wales 12%

The most common lies:

Food poisoning 27.3%

Flu 26.2%

Stomach bug 22%

Migraine 11%

Kids are unwell 9%

Car wouldn’t start 5%