Get the kids fit this autumn

AN inspiring summer of sport has spurred calls to schools, youth groups and nurseries to keep the enthusiasm going into the autumn.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is appealing to young people’s organisations to sign up to Artie’s Olympics, Jump Rope For Heart or Ultimate Dodgeball.

Schools, groups and nurseries taking part in any of the activities raise vital funds to help the BHF continue its life-saving work. The scheme also allows the participating organisation to keep 20% of the money raised.

Artie’s Olympics is perfect for children aged three to eight, Jump Rope For Heart for children aged seven to 16 and Ultimate Dodgeball for children aged seven to 18.

Sophie Jardine, BHF Fundraising Volunteer Manager for Derbyshire, says: “After the summer’s sporting successes, autumn is the perfect time to encourage children to get active.

“But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy our activities – if children can catch, throw, dodge or skip, then they can take part in Ultimate Dodgeball, Jump Rope for Heart or Artie’s Olympics!”

To find out how to register, contact Sophie on 01773 822 302, email or visit