Festival flame burns brightly

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Few sights are greater proof that there is still fire in Stainsby Festival’s belly than the burning wicker man which lit up the last night of the 44th annual music jamboree.

Organisers had promised that they would deliver something special to mark the comeback of the Sunday night events - and they didn’t disappoint.

The giant wicker man, which had been built during the day, held the audience in its thrall as it burst into flames and took five minutes to burn itself out.

Three nights and two days of partying on a field at Brunts Farm, Stainsby, hadn’t doused the revellers’ spirits - they were still in the mood for dancing and singing as the festival drew to a close.

Kangaroo Moon, who headlined the concert in the main marquee, are a many-headed marsupial, with a changing line-up depending on what country, or even county, they are playing in. This time they had Derbyshire bass player Dave Sturt on board.

Like Skippy the bush kangaroo waking up from hibernation, their set took a while to fire up the audience with a very long instrumental piece early on showing the awesome prowess of the musicians but rather self-indulgent and teetering on the edge of tedious.

This nocturnal ‘roo came alive as darkness fell, pulling out feelgood tunes played with panache from a very large pouch.

Support band Seize The Day did exactly that with a storming set that was worthy of a headline spot.

They embodied the Sixties’ child ethos of the festival with protest songs reflecting personal experiences of arrest and support for striking workers, all wrapped up in a lively and interactive presentation.

Frontman Theo Simo n said: “We all come to Stainsby to connect with each other, to love each other and to have a good time.”