Festival chief’s pledge

North Derbyshire’s longest running music festival will carry on, its chairman has vowed.

Speaking at the 43rd Stainsby Festival yesterday (Sunday), Tony Trafford detailed how the volunteer-run, not-for-profit event has survived major threats to its survival down the years including land sale, loss of grant funding, foot and mouth disease and a mudbath,

He said: “The festival found ways to continue. More importantly, it is is how it found these ways to continue.

“It is because it is owned collectively by the people who put it on and the people who come. It is because we are not sponsored by Nokia or Vodafone...we own our own future.

“I want to see the festival going forward. Let’s continue meeting, let’s continue letting in good hearts and goodwill.”

* For a review on Stainsby Festival, see this week’s Derbyshire Times.