Farce that's magic

"There may be trouble ahead," warbled the intro music as the curtain rose. When Damian Williams stars in a Cooney farce, you'd better believe it.

The shenanigans in Tom, Dick and Harry began harmlessly enough, with a missing tie which eventually appeared through a door as if by magic. (Well, there was a character called Potter...) But once they threw Nick Wilton and Andrew Lynford into the mix as Damian's well-meaning but inept brothers, it was clear things could only get funnier.

Soon smuggled cigarettes, illegal immigrants and mummified body parts were flying around the stage — literally at one point — and the evening spiralled off into the kind of chaotic hilarity Pomegranate audiences have learned to expect.

Lynette McMorrough as Damian's long-suffering wife kept a straight face throughout, which was more than James Campbell as a passing policeman could manage.

Tom, Dick and Harry ticks all the boxes for great farce: running joke, mistaken identity, doors opening and closing with precision timing; and a few touches all its own: a neat trick with a lemon, and a frantic sign language sequence that earned Nick Wilton a round of applause.

I felt sorry for Mrs Potter from the adoption agency. Poor Julie Fox was hurled into the midst of the mayhem and coped womanfully with Damian's worst excesses.

It's probably growing more hilarious as the week progresses. It runs till Saturday.