Fangtastic show rocks and shocks

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BEAUTIFUL Buxton Opera House didn’t know what hit it on Monday night.

The majestic theatre played host to the cheek-achingly hilarious yet wickedly deranged Circus of Horrors: The Ventriloquist.

Set in Berlin in the debauched 1920s, the jaw-dropping horror-themed rock-and-roll extravaganza told the intriguing tale of a cabaret club struggling to survive.

Thankfully, witty ringmaster Dr Haze rolled into town with new blood including hair-hanging beauties, twisted contortionists, pickled people and a foul-mouthed ventriloquist dummy.

Oh, we’d best not forget to mention the demonic dwarf who had a gross penchant for bowling balls, fireworks and Henry Hoovers - probably best if you don’t ask...

With a brilliant and awe-inspiring supporting cast, The Circus of Horrors featured some of the greatest, most bizarre and beautiful circus acts on earth.

Although at times incredibly cringeworthy - there were copious amounts of screams and many covered faces in the audience - the show was relentlessly mesmerising and provided lots of hearty belly laughs.

Not for the prudish, this outlandish horror spectacle has to be one of the greatest freak shows ever seen.

The Circus of Horrors travels to Mansfield Palace Theatre on November 24 and Sheffield City Hall on February 6, 2012.