Iconic composer Johannes Brahms spurs new comedy on Buxton stage


A new dark comedy about the composer Johannes Brahms will be staged in Buxton this week.

The cast of Oysters includes Sabina Arthur (Game of Thrones, Coronation Street) and distinguished violinist Eleanor Ryan.

Johannes Brahms is attending a party to celebrate the first performance of his Violin Concerto – but his genius is overshadowed by his self-destructive ego. His friends are all

there, but everyone is caught in a seething cauldron of passionate recriminations – and darkly hilarious outcomes. Everyone has their own agenda - the arthritic, embittered and

ageing Clara Schumann from his past: jealous, unstable virtuoso Josef Joachim; pompous and waspish critic Hanslick - and gentle friend and disciple Von Herzogenberg. As the

evening progresses and emotions turn on a sixpence, the play moves to its extraordinary conclusion fuelled by turbulent feelings and farcical misunderstandings.

The production is at Buxton Opera House on Saturday, June 8. Tickets £10-£15. Call 01298 72190 or go to www.buxtonoperahouse.org.uk