BOOK REVIEW: Ghosts Who Google by Stephen Atkinson

Author Stephen Atkinson says he likes to lure his readers into one way of thinking and then spring a surprise on them.

His first solo published work certainly does that. The title for instance, Ghosts Who Google, lures potential buyers into thinking the book is a collection of short stories about computer-based hauntings - slightly more sinister, perhaps, than just gremlins in the machine.

But only two of the 21 tales of the unexpected actually have any computer link - one via Ghoulgle and one via a mobile phone (OK, I made up Ghoulgle, but I like it). They all, however, leave the reader wondering how they didn’t spot the twist before it came.

And even though I know Stephen and the way he thinks, I was lured and surprised by some of them.

The first of the anthology, Scavenger, is quite deep and Dining by Moonlight will make you read the last line twice as you quite literally do a double-take on the twist.

Fans of short ghost tales will love Ghosts Who Google, published by Circaidy Gregory Press (£7.99 paperback and also available on Amazon as an e-book