Dino-might show has families in T-Rex-tasy

Stegosaurus in Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Tour
Stegosaurus in Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Tour

Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular brought prehistoric creatures back to life in a lively and educational way which was fun for all the family.

Staged at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena, the show took the audience right back to the Triassic Period where the first of the dinosaurs roamed the earth and continued through time to the Jurassic Period, where the 72ft Brachiosaurus appeared on stage which was breath taking to say the least.

The show finished off in the Cretaceous Period in which the 39ft Tyrannosaurus Rex was presented.

Two Derbyshire Times readers told us what they thought of the show...

“My favourite part of the show was the Jurassic period because that was when the Allosaurus came out and scared everyone with its huge teeth!”

Said Kiera Beck. “ I also liked the part where the Ornithocheirus flew onto stage because it’s a cross between a dinosaur and a bird as it has a

really furry body.”

Her older sister Casey Beck added; “I also enjoyed the part when the Ornithocheirus flew out, it was interesting to see the similarities between

that dinosaur and the modern day bird. It really put evolution into perspective for me. The T-Rex was also fantastic with how lifelike it was!

“It really was an amazing show.”

Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular is on tour and calls into Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena from May 15-19. 2013.