Chinese circus premieres show

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Marking the arrival of Chinese New Year this week, a top circus is rolling into the East Midlands.

The Chinese State Circus visits the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, on Monday and Tuesday, January 30 and 31.

The date is part of a UK tour in which the circus is premiering its new production, Yin Yang, which features the first appearance in our country of the formidable Shaolin Warrior, known only as The One.

You can also witness acrobats defying gravity in an array of elaborate, explosive and highly choreographed presentations of power, poise and agility.

Yin Yang will also show the more delicate and beautiful side of Chinese tradition with the silk aerial act, parasol juggling, eye catching Lion Dance and the amazing legendary ‘Bicycle Act’ in which 10 talented artistes manoeuvre onto a single bicycle.

Witness the unpredictable and exhilarating twists of foot juggling with drums, the famous Chinese poles, the sensational contortionist and the dynamic hoop divers with their amazing somersaults, leaps and jumps which all go towards completing this action packed programme.

Performances are at 8pm on Monday and Tuesday with an additional performance at 5pm on Tuesday. Tickets range from £15-£28. To book, contact 0115 989 5555 or