CHESTERFIELD: Suddenly At Home at Pomegranate Theatre is thrilling trip back to the 60s

The best laid plans of mice, men and murderers are sure to go awry – especially in a Francis Durbridge thriller.

Suddenly at Home, one of the master of 1960s mystery’s best known, is Talking Scarlet’s latest production at the Pomegranate this week.

Both cast and set are the last word in ’60s chic: A-line mini dresses, elegant jackets, teak wall units, black buttoned leather seating and Dusty Springfield playing softly in the background.

Ben Roddy is a very matter of fact murderer, keeping his cool and thinking on his feet as his nefariously meticulous plans to kill his rich, nervy wife (Susan Thorpe) unravel one by one. This isn’t a spoiler, by the way – it all happens in full view of the audience.

As Ben’s less composed accomplice, Jo Castleton veers between flamboyance and edginess, while Claire Vousden as the victim’s self-possessed sister is clearly shrewder than she lets on. And what does the au pair (Lara Lemon) have to do with it?

Then there is the mysterious Remick (Patric Kearns, resplendent in blood-red leather), who sees through them all with the help of thriller writer Sam (Marcus Hutton) and Inspector Appleton (Philip Stewart).

The surprises keep coming till the last minute, and the experienced cast carry them off with style and aplomb, gaining new fans for Talking Scarlet along the way.

Suddenly At Home continues its run at the Pomegranate tonight (Friday, May 17) and tomorrow.