BOLSOVER: Drama group’s bride and joy

Bolsover Drama Group's production of There Goes the Bride, running at the Assembly Rooms from May 16-18
Bolsover Drama Group's production of There Goes the Bride, running at the Assembly Rooms from May 16-18

With two summer weddings to look forward to, it’s fitting that Bolsover Drama Group’s annual play has a matrimonial theme.

Brides-to-be and group members Keyleigh Hulett and Leanne Whitehouse will be hoping that their special days are a lot less fraught than the wedding day in There Goes The Bride.

Neither risk performing in the play but Keyleigh’s dad, Derrick Hulett, gamely takes on the lead role of father of the bride in this cracking piece of comedy.

He matches up to the demands of the role which require him to sing, dance and create comic mayhem as an overstressed executive who gets a bump on the head and a fixation with a flapper girl who only he can see.

There’s much mirth as he cavorts around the stage with the glamorous ghost, beautifully played by Tracy Crowther who hardly stands still for a second.

Louise Sutton gives a brilliant performance as the long-suffering mother-of-the-bride whose best-laid plans for a fairytale wedding look like turning into a nightmare.

Upping the fun factor is Ken Radmore as the forgetful doctor who takes great delight in emulating the “doo-dah” actions of the lead character and Ruth Bonner playing the doctor’s strident and snobbish wife.

Istvan Koszegi, whose wife Janet directs the play, gives solid support as family friend and Garry Johnson brings a convincing Aussie accent to the role of the groom’s impatient dad.

The bride is played by Chanel Maxfield, who looks a picture in her wedding gown, but spends much of the play in her bedroom after a spat with her mum.

Sound director Phillip Clark conjures up the noise of a man crashing through a glass roof, which is integral to the story but can’t have been that easy to create.

The two acts in the farce by Ray Cooney and John Chapman are from evenly matched - the second half is far funnier than the first and a lot shorter too.

Last night’s audience at the Assembly Rooms, Bolsover, loved it. Better be quick if you want to see it, the show ends this evening, Saturday May 18.