Blooming wonderful show by young cast

Nathan Wragg in Little Shop of Horrors.
Nathan Wragg in Little Shop of Horrors.

As musicals go, Little Shop of Horrors is something of a gore-fest. It’s hardly surprising a few audience members were predicting nightmares.

But the Chesterfield Studios production at the Pomegranate at the weekend was a dream of a show.

The auditorium was well filled, and thoroughly deserved appreciative laughter and enthusiastic applause greeted every scene.

A whole chorus of street girls replaced the scripted three: well drilled, wittily choreographed and great fun to watch – though the sound system did them no favours on the first night.

Nathan Wragg mined his inner bad boy for Orin the sadistic, gas-sniffing dentist: sexy, vicious and wholly deserving of his dreadful fate.

Karl Brennan and Andy Moore, familiar faces on the Pomegranate stage, were the only over-20s in the cast. Karl mostly succeeded in not upstaging the youngsters; though as the voice of Audrey Two, the strange and exotic man-eating plant at the centre of the story, Andy couldn’t help upstaging just about everyone.

But Edward Jowle and Lucy Telfer can hold their own in any company. In their first leading roles at the Pomegranate as nerdy Seymour, the plant’s guardian and recipient of favours, and Audrey, the sweet and damaged love of his life, they showed real star quality. Their mature, perfectly controlled singing voices would (and probably will) grace any West End stage, and their acting and stage presence must be the envy of many an experienced player.

This was my first glimpse of Chesterfield Studios’ work. I’m looking forward to next time.