Perfect setting for Tchaikovsky’s festive ballet favourite

The Nutcracker from Moscow State Ballet at Buxton Opera House
The Nutcracker from Moscow State Ballet at Buxton Opera House

The Nutcracker, 
Buxton Opera House

Tchaikovsky’s festive masterpiece is in perfect surroundings in the lovely opera house tonight.

The famous tale is set on Christmas Eve in the living room of a great house.

Little Clara creeps downstairs to see the moonlit Christmas tree and the colourful presents beneath.

At midnight the clock heralds in the spirit of Christmas, yet something magical stirs in the darkness.

The famous tale begins when Clara’s toy nutcracker doll comes to life and takes her on a fantastic adventure.

Tchaikovsky released The Nutracker in 1892 as a double bill with the opera Lolanth.

Although not one of the composer’s most popular pieces when it was released, The Nutcracker has enjoyed more popularity since the late 1960s, becoming a Christmas ballet company staple.

Tchaikovsky’s score has now become one of his most famous compositions, in particular the pieces featured in the suite.

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Russian Dance and the Waltz of the Flowers are among the most instantly recognisable.

Many have passed into popular culture, like the music for the Dance of the Reed Flutes, which was used in the famous Everyone’s a Fruit and Nut Case TV advert.

Among other things, the score is noted for its use of the celesta, an instrument that the composer

had already employed in his much lesser-known symphonic ballad The Voyevoda.

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