Can you beat DT photographer’s beautiful shot of little baby Jack?

Baby Jack
Baby Jack

DERBYSHIRE Times photographer Marisa Cashill has thrown down the gauntlet to budding snappers across Derbyshire.

The born and bred ‘B’oser lass’ captured her friend’s new-born ‘Baby Jack’ as he rested his weary head after a hard day being a baby in his native Shirebrook.

And now we want you to send us YOUR favourite snaps, that capture Derbyshire people looking as cool as Baby Jack does here.

We’re after photographs of people - whether you want to be a little bit arty, or just plain silly – we don’t mind.

All we’re after is an ‘awww’ or a ‘wow!’ or a genuine Laugh Out Loud (LOL!).

Send your efforts to topple Marisa Cashill’s super-cute baby-photo to:

The Editor has promised a crisp £20 to the winner - to be announced when the entries reach 100!