See Fractured Ground at Rowsley venue

Things continue to get ever more weird and wonderful at the Level Centre, Rowsley, with the creation of Fractured Ground, a live performance by Nottingham-based dancer Karla Jones, set within a multi-screened audio-visual installation.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 8:45 am

Level, an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation, continues to challenge perceptions in its radical 2016/2017 programme as its director, Andrew Williams, asks previously unheard-of questions, such as these:

How does an uninterrupted focus on our environment change our behaviour? What happens when sensory information acts as the main stimulus? What is uncovered when our movements are not choreographed or pre-planned?

Andrew said: “Fractured Ground is an exciting new project which attempts to throw into shadow our ‘normal’ rational/intellectual approach to creating, collating, structuring and valuing information and art, and instead shine an interrogatory light on what can be created by relying solely on our somatic (‘of the body’) senses.”

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Dancer and choreographer Karla, whose practice has been based around creating contemporary dance performance with other dancers/performers and collaborations with photographers and filmmakers, said this of the event:

“Fractured Ground is a process as much as an arts product. The work we will be sharing – which has been almost a year in the making so far - is in the first stages of development, with many avenues yet to be explored.

“The collaborative nature of the project and the way we’ve approached its creation and structure is a new experience for me as a performer. I’m nervous but excited about how it will be received!”

Fractured Ground opens (and closes) on Saturday, November 26, with two 40-minute performances at 6.30pm and 8.30pm and will feature a Q&A and a bar. Entry is free. The audience, which is expected to be made up of artists, thinkers, performers and promoters, is limited to 20 people per performance. Please book in advance by telephoning the Level Centre on 01629 734848 or emailing [email protected]