Outwood Academy students shine in Blood Brothers

Outwood Academy Newbold's lower school drama club performed the Willy Russell's classic Blood Brothers.

Monday, 19th March 2018, 7:45 am
Updated Monday, 19th March 2018, 8:50 am
Outwood Academy lower school drama club perform Blood Brothers.

Students had been working on this performance for a number of months and their hard work and dedication paid off as every students brought the stage to life.

Ella Ryall playing Mrs Johnston in Act One showed the sheer desperation and panic over giving away her son as Harriet Freeman playing Mrs Lyons in Act one demonstrated through clear characterisation her no nonsense attitude.

Carrick Blackburn, Tamlyn Marsden and Coby Raynor showcased Mickey Johnston through the years and with clear body language and facial expressions demonstrated his frustration with the world.

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Georgia Partridge, Courtney Blair and Lucie Moore performed the playful character of Linda with confidence and energy.

Becky Cox and Jacob Watkiss performed Eddie Lyons perfectly, showing the contrast between these two boys.

The second half opened with Molly Hewer and Natasha Davenport performing as Mrs Johnston and Mrs Lyons. Their class differences highlighted through clear consideration for accents and gestures. Both students performed with passion and focus.

The end of the play was as dramatic as the opening and the students brought the whole show to a close with a chilling and moving version of Marilyn Monroe.

Directors Sara Jenkins and Emma Colley thanked the students for all their hard work and highlighted the fact that it was time for the younger years to shine!