The Chatsworth Christmas theme for 2019 has been revealed

This year's theme for Chatsworth's popular Christmas event has been unveiled- and staff say it will be one of the most 'ambitious' festive seasons staged at the stately home yet.

Tickets are on sale now.
Tickets are on sale now.

Chatsworth plays host to a different theme each year- in recent years visitors have been amazed by Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Nutcracker and Dickens' Christmas.

For Christmas 2019, visitors will be transported on a journey around the globe as they enter an immersive experience full of atmospheric lights, rich colours and the evocative sounds and scents of 'lands far, far away'.

The grand rooms of the house are dressed in homage to countries traversed by generations of the family, so visitors can follow in their footsteps led by famous explorers from fiction and life- Phileas Fogg and Amelia Earhart.

Guides will be sharing stories of adventure from all over the world, while a special children’s trail will add to the fun for families.

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    The Chapel, inspired by a baroque Portuguese church, will house a Nativity scene complete with floating candles, mirrors and stained glass.

    Blossom trees, Chinese lanterns and a 10-metre spiralling Chinese dragon bring a flavour of Eastern Asia, while Russian dolls and rustic stars dress the gigantic Nordic Fir tree taking pride of place in the Painted Hall.

    Insights and anecdotes from historical Dukes and Duchesses of Devonshire are woven throughout the journey, including the letters between Victor (9th Duke of Devonshire) and his wife Evelyn, as she travelled in India with Queen Mary in 1911, and letters home from Canada while Victor was posted there as Governor General, describing a family Christmas and new experiences in a faraway land.

    The team has delved into the collection to find a treasure trove of memorabilia from around the world, including a Christmas card from America’s first family, the Kennedys, who have many connections to Chatsworth.

    Morocco, India, Holland, Italy, China, Japan, Portugal and America all feature in what is 'one of the most ambitious Christmas seasons staged by Chatsworth'.

    Venetian masks, pagodas, origami decorations, frosted ferns and Indian fabrics are just some of the props used to stage an eclectic experience on a journey around the world.

    Before they leave, visitors can even hop into the hot air balloon basket for a photo opportunity.

    Tickets are on sale now, priced at £25 per adult and £15 per child (aged between 3-16). Family tickets are also available at: