Are you a closet clothes hoarder?

Research released today shows that the UK is a nation of hoarders with almost half of all British women keeping clothes that no longer fit them.

Hoarders hope that one day they will be able to get back into the clothes, with five percent admitting to keeping ill-fitting clothes for more than five years.

The survey, conducted by Clothes Show Live to uncover the state of the nation’s wardrobes, also revealed that:

· 30% of women had 25 or more items in their wardrobe that they hadn’t worn in the past 6 months

· 37% of respondents have at least 3 items in their wardrobe that they have never worn, with a further 24% owning up to 6 items they had never taken worn

· 46% of women have over 100 items of clothing in their wardrobe at any one time

· Casual tops are the most popular item found in the closet with 43% citing it as the item they owned the most of, followed by dresses at 25% and jeans at 10%

· Most items are worn on average 30 times before they fall out of favour

The results show that 38% of British women buy an average of three new items to add to their wardrobe every month whilst a further 36% go on to purchase up to six new garments after pay day.

However, whilst British women like to shop they’re not too keen on splashing the cash on high-value items, preferring to indulge in multiple reasonably-priced purchases.

The average woman spends up to £75 a month on new clothes, with just 3% spending more than £250 in a normal month. 83% of respondents wouldn’t spend more than £50 on a new piece of clothing, with just 1% regularly spending over £100 on one garment. 21% of those asked had never spent more than £100 on a single piece.

Clothes Show Live Show Director Maryam Hamizadeh added: ‘Looking into the UK’s wardrobe has been really interesting and a complete eye opener. We have to look at the reason why we keep clothes for so long. At the show next month we have a number of style experts on hand to help shoppers learn all about wardrobe economy and making clothes work for us so we don’t have to be a nation of hoarders. Wardrobes should be filled with quality pieces which are worn and loved, not neglected.”

The survey showed that girls from the North are the worst for being unable to part with their clothes — Leeds tops the chart with 48% owning over 100 items of clothing, closely followed by girls from Nottingham (42%) and then Newcastle (41%).

Conversely, the majority of London girls were shown to own maximum of 60 items but these were shown to be ‘investment’ pieces with the largest percentile of respondents admitting to spending over £100 on one item.

Fashion expert Caryn Franklin, Educational Ambassador and leader of the educational programme for Clothes Show Live this year, added: “UK clothes spending habits vary quite dramatically from region to region. Northern women prefer to buy fast-fashion, reasonably priced trend pieces which fall out of favour quickly. Southern women splash out on higher priced key and classic pieces for repeat wearings. We can all get better at knowing which clothes suit us and will be good value for money, taking us from season to season. That way we could cut down on the impulse buying, the mistakes and of course the hoarding.”

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