Win boosted by three trebles


Superb win trebles from Corey Wilson, Emma Schaanning and Brandon Lewis helped Chesterfield Athletics Club mini league athletes to a well deserved win in the third Sportshall match at Queen’s Park Sports Centre.

Doubles from Lauren Hill and Callum Kay also helped to give the local club an emphatic victory.

Result: Chesterfield 491.5, Amber Valley 412, Derby 180.5. Positions after three matches: Chesterfield 18 points, Amber Valley 15, Derby 12, Buxton & BADYS 3.

Two highest scoring athletes (key - CP chest push, SP shot put, STJ standing triple jump, VHJ vertical high jump):

U11G: Lauren Kay 1st 1 lap 10.6s; Melissa Middleton 1eq 2 lap 21.1s, 2nd 1 lap 10.7s, 2eq CP 5.60m; Erin Russell 3eq 2 lap 21.3s; Aly Stout 2nd STJ 5.20m; Rebecca Wardle 2nd VHJ 0.48m; Lauren Hill 1st VHJ 0.51m, 1st STJ 5.52m; Emma Botham 1st CP 6.20m; Team 1st 4x1 lap relay 42.4s.

U13G: Corey Wilson 1st 2 lap 18.9s, 1st (with Rebecca Conway) 8 lap paarlauf 1:21.5, 1st STJ 6.71m; Rebecca Conway 2nd 2 lap 19.6s; Amy Botham 5th STJ 5.14m; Jordan White 2nd SP 6.94m, 5th VHJ 0.40m; Abigail Turner 4th SP 6.54m, 4th VHJ 0.42m; Team 1st 4x2 lap relay 1:19.5.

U15G: Abbie Queenan 2nd 2 lap 19.8s, 2nd VHJ 54cm; Emma Schaanning 1st 4 lap 40.0s, 1st VHJ 0.59m, 1st 2 lap 19.0s; Shannon Ashmore 2nd SP 7.64m; Lauren Wilson 2nd 4 lap 44.3s, 3rd SP 7.52m;

Team 1st 4 x 2 lap relay 1:20.6.

U11B: Brandon Lewis 1st 2 lap 20.6s, 1st CP 7.10m, 1st VHJ 0.52m; Kian White 4th VHJ 0.31m; Joe Houghton 2nd 1 lap 10.5s, 2nd 2 lap 20.7s; Alex Ediker 4th 1 lap 11.1s, 3rd STJ 4.54m; Keiran Smith 4th STJ 4.47m, 4th CP 5.0m; Team 2nd 4 x 1 lap relay 42.6s.

U13B: Callum Kay 1st 2 lap 19.9s, 1st SP 7.53m, 4th STJ 5.44m; George Taylor 2nd VHJ 0.45m, 2nd SP 7.39m, 4th 2 lap 20.5s; James Brewster 1st (with Niko Raine) 8 lap paarlauf 1:27.2, 3rd STJ 5.61m, 3eq VHJ 0.44m; Team 3rd 4x2 lap relay 1.24.9

U15B: Russell Mackey 4th 2 lap 19.0s, 2nd 4 lap 40.6s, 3rd SP 9.23m; Connor McQuade 5th 2 lap 19.4s, 3rd 4 lap 41.1s, 5th STJ 5.94m; Dalton Hubbard 3rd STJ 6.71m, 2nd SP 9.69m.