We are the Champions!

Chesterfield Athletics Club were crowned champions of the Derbyshire Mini Sportshall League after the final match at Queen’s Park Sports Centre.

Being unbeaten in the six matches and winning four of the six individual age-groups, it was Chesterfield’s best result since 2006.

Match result: Chesterfield 476, Amber Valley 390, Derby 246.5 points, 2Dash 19.5,

Final League table: Chesterfield 30pts, Amber Valley 24, Derby 18, 2Dash 12, Blackwell 1.

Individual results - only the two scorers shown (key:ST sitting throw, SLJ standing long jump, SP shot putt, SB speed bounce):

U11G: Ashleigh Keable 2nd 1 lap 10.4s, 5th SLJ 1.73m; Katy Lindley 6th 3 lap 32.7s, 6th SLJ 1.70m; Paula Blore 7th 3 lap 33.4s, 2nd ST 4.98m; Abigail Turner 1st ST 5.93m; Emma Jerman 2eq SB 54; Jennifer Smith 4th SB 52; Team 2nd 4x1 lap relay 43.0s.

U11B: Merlin Ferrinho 1st 3 lap 30.0s; Joseph Houghton 4th 1 lap 10.8s; Harry Blount 2eq SB 53; George Taylor 1st ST 5.40m; Alex Ediker 5th 3 lap 32.2s, 2eq SB 53; James Brewster 5th 1 lap 10.9s, 4th ST 4.10m; 4th SLJ 1.72m; Team 2nd 4 x 1 lap relay 42.3s.

U13G: Corey Wilson 1eq 2 lap 18.8s; Megan Cowen 3rd SP 7.69m; Emma Schaanning 1st SLJ 2.11m; Ella Barrett 2nd SLJ 2.06m; Shannon Ashmore 2nd SP 8.72m; Abbie Queenan 2nd 2 lap 19.6s; Katy Brewster 4th SB 64; Rebecca Conway 5th SB 63; Wilson/Barrett 1st 8 lap paarlauf 1:22.9; Team 1st 4 x 2 lap relay 1st 1:18.1.

U13B: Harley Ferrinho 4th 2 lap 19.8s, 4th SP 6.22m, 2nd SLJ 2.06m; Tom Barnes 4th SLJ 1.78m; Josh Hough 2nd 2 lap 18.8s; 2nd SP 8.74m; William Ediker 1st SB 82; Callum Attwater 4eq SB 67; Ediker/Hough 2nd 8 lap paarlauf 1:25.0; Team 2nd 4 x 2 lap relay 1:25.2s.

U15G: Leanne Smith 3rd 2 lap 20.1s, 6th SLJ 1.80m; Lauren Wilson 4th 2 lap 20.5s, 4th 4 lap 43.3s; Kat Scott 4th SP 7.67m, 1st SLJ 2.06m, 2nd SB 82; Laura Copestake 3rd SP 7.75m; Rebecca Herring 5th 4 lap 48.0s, 4th SB 74; Team 1st 4 x 2 lap relay 1:24.0.

U15B: Will Stockton 2nd 2 lap 18.1s, 1st SP 12.15m, 1st SB 80; James Elliott 4th 2 lap 19.0s, 3rd SLJ 2.23m; Dominic Hare 1st 4 lap 40.4s, 2nd SLJ 2.43m; Joe Clarke 2nd 4 lap 43.5s, 2nd SB 64; Team 1st 4 x 2 lap relay 1:15.0.

Various indoor results: Birmingham Games: U20M Nathan Pentin (U17) 4th 3.90m. Indoor City Challenge (senior event: Paige Collings (U20) 7th pole vault 3.20m; Ian Swift (U20) 7th triple jump 11.61m. Leeds Open: U13G: Corey Wilson 1st 60m 8.4secs, 1st long jump 4.23m; U15G: Shannon Ashmore 2nd shot putt 8.05m. Aviva UK Indoor Championships: Lauretta Curtis (U20) 5th 60m ht 7.86secs.