VIDEO: ‘Why Sheffield brawler Jez will beat Dronfield boxer Lewis’

Jez Wilson won’t make the same mistake that Rod Smith did when he takes on Lewis Taylor in a ‘brawler v boxer’ contest at the Magna Centre on Saturday.

Smith played the role of the come-forward tough guy against the skilled Tom Doran recently and came a cropper.

But Wilson’s stablemate, Sam Sheedy can’t see the rugged Wilson getting outwitted by technician Taylor, who defends his English middleweight title.

“I have sparred with them both and I personally think Jez will beat Lewis,” said Sheedy, who works alongside Wilson at Glyn Rhodes’ Sheffield Boxing Centre.

“I think he will break his heart, he is too strong. Jez is very resilient and he is fit. On paper Lewis is not a big puncher and Jez can punch and he can take a shot.

“So there is only one way I can see it going, he is just going to hunt him down, wear him down and stop him. I am a realist and genuinely think Jez will beat Lewis.”

As for the boxer v brawler style clash, Sheedy said: “Jez is better than Rod Smith. He is not just a brawler, he can box. He chooses not to sometimes, but Jez is a good boxer. He has been doing more and more of that in sparring recently. He can move his head, he can work off his jab.”

At 36, Crosspool’s Wilson is 11 years the senior of his Dronfield opponent. But that won’t be a telling factor, according to Sheedy. “He’s not the typical 36-year-old man, he keeps in good shape. He doesn’t go out boozing, eats well. He is a very, very tough man, I think it’s all in Jez’s favour. Jez gives me more trouble sparring. But it’s a good fight for the fans.”

Sheedy looks for his 16th career win on the “Bragging Rights” show. He and Frank Dodze, from Ghana, lock horns in a Commonwealth title eliminator.