Veteran runner Tony still pounding the pavements as he chases 100 race victories

He’s clocked up over 45,000 miles and is closing on 100 race victories.

Thursday, 24th December 2015, 11:32 am
Matlock veteran runner Tony Barrable.

But veteran runner Tony Barrable is in no mood to slow down anytime soon.

The 61-year-old is still pounding the pavements up and down the country in pursuit of an elusive century of wins.

But it’s not just that milestone that’s in his sights.

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He is a perfectionist and compares his performances in races year-on-year to try and push himself as far as he possibly can.

He told the Mercury: “Running is a simple way of keeping fit.

“I started counting (wins) a few years ago and I think in some cases I’ve not been recognised as first because certain races don’t class the over-50s or over-60s.”

On reaching a century of victories, Tony says it is something that would be nice for him to achieve - but he realises he is still some way off that target.

He said: “It’s something that’s been there on my mind - but I still need 17 wins!

“It would be lovely to have.

“As you go through the years the rest of the runners catch you up.

“It would be great to have 100 wins but you take each year as it comes.

“I’ve run over for over 20 years and my only regret is in my 50’s I lost a bit of ground.

“I’m a lone runner really and so I try to run every day.”

Among Tony’s highlights are competing in four London Marathons but he says he enjoyed those just as much as domestic races - including the Bolsover 10K event last weekend.

He scooped the over-60 vets title thanks to a time of 39 minutes and 11 seconds.

And after consulting his book of statistics, he was able to confirm he had shaved off 49 seconds from his time the previous year.

He said: “I’m not quite obsessive as I used to be and I do find it tough.

“But it still gives me a buzz.

“I think ‘how long can I hold out at that level’ but I am quite competitive.”

Tony hopes that his passion for the sport can inspire others to take up running - whatever their age.

He added: “I didn’t start running until I was 28.

“I think more and more people should get out there and give it a go.”