Treble win for Corey


A superb win treble from Corey Wilson helped Chesterfield AC mini league athletes to follow up their excellent outdoor form with a well-deserved win in the first Sportshall match of the new winter season at Queen’s Park Sports Centre. Four age-group wins gave the defending champions an emphatic victory. Result: Chesterfield 470.5, Amber Valley 395.5, Derby 200.

Top eight scoring athletes (key - SP shot put, CP chest push, STJ standing triple jump, VHJ vertical high jump):

U11G: Rebecca Wardle 1eq 1 lap 10.8s, 3rd 2 lap 21.6s, 3rd CP 5.35m; Lauren Hill 1st VHJ 0.44m, 3eq 1 lap 11.1s, 2nd STJ 5.12m; Niamh Sutton 6th 2 lap 22.9s; Emma Botham 2nd CP 5.90m, 2nd VHJ 0.42m, 3rd STJ 5.03m; Team 2nd 4x1 lap relay 45.3s.

U13G: Corey Wilson 1st 1 lap 18.9s, 1st STJ 6.81m, 1st VHJ 0.54m; Katy Gigg 1st 6 lap 64.8s, 3rd 1 lap 19.8s; Jordan White 2nd SP 6.62m, 5th 6 lap 67.9s; Emma Johnson 5th STJ 5.34m; Abigail Turner 5th SP 6.37m; Ashleigh Keable 4eq VHJ 0.49m; Team 1st 4x2 lap relay 1:18.0.

U15G: Alicia Barrett 1st 2 lap 18.9s; Ella Barrett 1st 4 lap 39.6s; Abbie Queenan , 2nd VHJ 59cm; Emma Schaanning 1st VHJ 0.61m, 2nd 2 lap 19.2s; Shannon Ashmore 3rd SP 7.15m; Lauren Wilson 3rd 4 lap 43.0s; Alisha Collings 2nd SP 8.07m; Team 1st 4 x 2 lap relay 1:16.8.

U11B: Brandon Lewis 1st CP 7.45m, 2nd 1 lap 10.5s, 2nd STJ 5.54m; Connor Linathan 2nd CP 7.10m, 3rd STJ 5.15m; Mikey Broomhead 1st VHJ 0.31m; Joe Houghton 2nd VHJ 0.30m; Alex Ediker 2nd 2 lap 21.1s, 3rd 1 lap 10.6s, 5th STJ 3.94m; Oliver Dakin 3rd 2 lap 21.5s; Team 1st 4 x 1 lap relay 42.3s.

U13B: Cale Hood 1st 2 lap 19.5s, 1st VHJ 0.51m, 2nd 6 lap 67.3s; George Taylor 1st 6 lap 66.1s, 1st SP 8.12m, 3eq 2 lap 20.2s.

U15B: Jordan Ofield 3rd 4 lap 38.8s, 3rd 2 lap 18.7s; Dean Ofield 2nd 4 lap 38.4s, 2nd STJ 7.03m, 4th 2 lap 18.8s; Dalton Hubbard 3rd STJ 6.81m, 3rd SP 9.84m; Josh Hough 4th SP 9.06m; Team 1st 4 x 2 lap relay 1:14.4.