Time to invest in gadget

What a difference a few days make when you are an angler avidly watching the weather conditions!

Two weeks ago I was coaching pole fishing, one-to-one – and catching lots of ‘serious’ tench, crucians and roach – even planning an after-work midweek carp session.

Three days later there’s two inches of snow and plans of a carp bash have to be shelved. Typical British weather!

Over the recent Bank Holiday I’ve been visiting a few fisheries, meeting up with old friends and generally nosing around to see what’s hot and what’s not – and I’m pleased to say Spring is definitely on its way with everywhere reporting goods catches for the time of year.

Maggots, casters and soft pellets are favourite baits at the moment, although one angler reported good catches on meat, using tiny cubes on a size 18 to bag up.

I reckon the fish are getting hungry and will take any well-presented bait – if the water temperatures are stable.

These days I’m tending to fish the pole more and more and when I’m bagging up and get a major tangle, and we all get them occasionally, (mine usually involve snags, hook pulls and overhanging trees) – I simply take the remains off the pole and drop it into a spare bait box then fix on a duplicate rig to continue fishing.

I recently discovered all my boxes were full of broken rigs that needed sorting.

I usually use Stotz, and tweezers, to shot my pole rigs, but a recent demonstration by a fellow angler showed me a quick way of attaching tiny shot to pole rigs.

To be honest I’ve always shied away from gadgets and gizmos, preferring tried and trusted methods, but I have to say I’m very impressed with this offering from Dinsmore Tackle.

The Dinsmore auto shot applicator selects, cuts and applies the shot directly to your line in one simple and quick operation.

It applies sizes 8, 10 or 11 shot that hang perfectly central on the line – and it’s so quick and easy to do and only costs around £10.

Time to invest, as I tend to drop more size 11s than I manage to get on the line and I’ve got a lot of rigs to repair!